Terms of Use

The portal ("PORTAL") is a service of CAI GmbH ("CAI"), Gartenstraße 26, DE-76133 Karlsruhe.

The use of the PORTAL is only possible if you as user expressly agree to these terms of use.

1. Scope of these Terms of Use

These Terms of Use apply to all persons ("Users") who use the PORTAL. They apply regardless of whether the user

  1. has himself concluded a contract with CAI or
  2. works for a company that has a contract with CAI, or
  3. has been invited by another user (1.a) or 1.b)), but has not concluded a contract with CAI.

2. Users obligations

  1. Each user is set up a personal account. Each user assigns himself a password. The user is responsible for ensuring that the password is not accessible to third parties. Any transfer to third parties is inadmissible. The user assumes full responsibility for all actions taken using his login name in conjunction with his password.
  2. The user undertakes to inform CAI immediately in writing of any misuse of his login name / registration as soon as he has become aware of it. In case of misuse, the user agrees to change his password immediately.
  3. The use of trademarked words and Internet addresses as the name of the user (nickname) is not allowed.
  4. The user undertakes not to cease any content that violates these rules, good morals or other applicable German law. It is particularly prohibited
    1. to use the PORTAL improperly
    2. to use pornographic, violent, abusive, immoral or youth protection laws infringing content, to promote, offer and distribute
    3. harass other users unreasonably
    4. publish offensive or untrue content
    5. send spam to other users via the system;
    6. legally, in particular by copyright and trademark law, to use protected content without authorization;
    7. to take anti-competitive acts;
    8. to publish copyrighted material (such as documents) of third parties without the consent of the author;
    9. Advertising without the express written permission of CAI to operate.
  5. Should third parties or other users claim CAI for possible violations of law, the
    a. result from the content posted by the user and / or
    b. arising from the use of the PORTAL by the user,

the User agrees to indemnify CAI from any claims, including damages, and to reimburse CAI for the costs incurred by it for possible infringement. CAI is exempted in particular from the costs of the necessary legal defense. CAI is entitled to demand a reasonable advance from the user for this. The user is obliged to support CAI in good faith with information and documents in the legal defense against third parties. All further rights and claims for damages of CAI remain unaffected. If the user is not responsible for the possible infringement, the aforementioned obligations do not exist.

  1. Users are required to maintain strict confidentiality with respect to the personal data of other users. Any transfer of data to third parties without the prior written consent of the data subject is inadmissible.
  2. The technical requirements for using the PORTAL are described on the website https://www.cai-world.com/systemvoraussetzungen. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that he meets the technical requirements. All data tariffs for the use of the Internet (for example, the used mobile service provider or network operator) as well as all other fees and taxes associated with the use of our services are the responsibility of the user.
  3. In particular, the user is not authorized to "reverse engineer", decompile, disassemble, duplicate or use any part of the PORTAL to create a separate application or software. Access to functions and databases outside the designated user interfaces and interfaces (for example, using third-party software) is not permitted.

3. Obligations and rights of CAI

  1. If CAI has concrete indications that a third party is using the user's access without authorization or is violating these terms of use, CAI is entitled to block access until the matter has been clarified.
  2. In the event of a breach, in particular the aforementioned rules, CAI may impose the following sanctions on the user, irrespective of any termination or blocking of access:
               a. Delete or lock / hide documents and posts that the user has set,
               b. Saying a warning
  3. CAI is also entitled to deny the user access to the PORTAL if there is reasonable suspicion that the user has violated these Terms of Use. The user can avert these measures if he removes the suspicion by submitting suitable evidence at his own expense.


As of May 2018